Mr. & Mrs. Reeves from Witsand with their DIY Kitchen

Mr. & Mrs. Reeves from Witsand with their DIY Kitchen

One of the best parts of our work in DIY cupboard manufacturing is the great response that we receive from clients. One such example is the recent feedback that we received from Mr.  & Mrs. Reeves, who reside in Witbank and paid a visit to our Montague Gardens showroom, to get started planning the perfect kitchen for their home. A dedicated DIY designer at the showroom worked with the couple to accommodate their vision for a stunning DIY kitchen.

Our first order of business was to assist the Reeves with a 3D design concept that would visually represent their kitchen, and the layout of the new cupboards once installed. In order to maximize the potential of the space, we considered the exact room size. We love it when our clients choose to personalize the experience and opt for the DIY route, and that is exactly what happened with the Reeves. They came in with a vision for what they wanted, and we got to work providing a DIY kitchen cupboard solution to complement their home and work for their specific needs.

Once the clients were happy with their floor plan and the design concept we created at, we selected the right cabinets and cupboards from our warehouse. This was then delivered to their residence in Witbank, along with a detailed material list. In order to ensure the most straightforward do-it-yourself project, we also provided Mr. & Mrs. Reeves with a floor plan and illustrations to use as a guideline. The kitchen photographs speak volumes about the success of the project, where the clients managed to achieve understated elegance using affordable DIY cupboards and drawers.

For the completion of this DIY kitchen project, our team also provided extras like soft-close under-mount drawer runners and hinges, as well as push-to-open hinges at the back of the kitchen island. Even the smallest details are important to get the most out of your kitchen, and that is what we aim to achieve with every client during the planning phase. The Reeves reached out to us sharing the success of their self-installed kitchen cupboards and were very happy with the service and instructions we provided.

If you’re planning your new kitchen, from a small DIY office kitchen to a spacious and contemporary kitchen, we can help you get it right. Make every moment of your DIY kitchen installation memorable, while achieving amazing results without fuss. At, we assist with your kitchen design, your cutting and material lists, and the guidance you need for your project to be as perfect as possible.

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