Floor Standing Kitchen Cupboards

At DIYCupboards.com, we have everything you could want or need to plan an incredible DIY kitchen build or renovation. Our floor-standing kitchen cupboards allow you to envision surface and storage areas for your kitchen or other areas of your home. There is no limit to achieving the vision you have in mind, and doing it yourself means you’re in control every step of the way.

Our DIY Express floor units are locally manufactured using quality A-grade board, for stylish and lasting finishes. These standard-sized floor-standing kitchen cupboards can be purchased to suit your existing kitchen or inspire a new one.

A major factor to consider when choosing cupboards and components for your kitchen is the space you’re working with. Do you require one or more large 1200mm kitchen floor units, or is your space limited and more suited to a single 450mm or 600mm kitchen floor unit?

Each cupboard purchased offers a straightforward, enjoyable DIY experience and our floor-standing kitchen cupboards are complemented by a modern kitchen wall cupboard range.

If your DIY plans are more complex, why not let us lend creative input and technical guidance? Our skilled DIY Designer at the showroom is available to discuss your ideas and provide 3D renderings and professional floor plans, giving you the reassurance you need to accomplish your goals.

Floor Standing Kitchen Cupboards

Please Note:
Units include all hardware and legs, but does not include hanging rails.

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