Small DIY Office Kitchen in Cape Town

Small DIY Office Kitchen

The perfect workspace is one that fulfills the needs of employees, promotes productivity, and ensures staff well-being. At in Cape Town, we are experts in the manufacturing of high-quality kitchen cupboards, which are ideal for those who like having a hand in the finishes of their home or office. Our DIY Express range of kitchen cupboards and units is the ideal solution for a small office kitchen that will be enjoyed by all.

For a workspace that has limited space, your floor and wall kitchen units can be great for the storage of office essentials. Our DIY Kitchen Cupboards can be custom fit to your space, and you can even plan the finer details with our professional DIY Designer at the showroom. Let your small office kitchen serve its purpose effortlessly, while still looking great and remaining affordable. Much like the perfect granny flat kitchen solution that we offer, our DIY Express range of kitchen cupboards has the potential to elevate a workspace and be very functional.

Shop online with ease, and browse our product categories to find the right cupboard solutions for your space. We design our cupboards with the idea that anyone can install them, even without prior experience in the do-it-yourself approach. Most of our units are assembled at our showroom before delivery (those under 600mm wide/tall), while wider units are typically flat-packed due to their size. You can confidently move ahead with your small office kitchen setup, knowing that we use only A-grade boards during manufacturing, so that they last long and look great. We also offer a 2-year guarantee on all our products.

Some factors to keep in mind when designing and building your small office kitchen include space optimization and ergonomics. The way you place your cupboards, drawers, and units needs to work for the space and be easily accessible. Consider a corner unit, purchase a kitchen microwave unit to save space on counter surfaces, and make sure that enough storage is available to prevent clutter and mess. Your employees should benefit from the small office kitchen and be able to save time by preparing basic lunches in the office, instead of having to leave work to get lunch elsewhere.

Most modern workspaces now include the addition of a kitchen, which has many benefits to both employers and employees. The kitchen cupboards you invest in should be well-designed, durable, and thoughtfully laid out. Let help you with a small office kitchen solution you can enjoy for many years. Start by browsing our range of DIY Express Kitchen cupboards, and let us know if you have any questions along the way to your office kitchen setup.

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