DIY Flatlet Kitchen

A small kitchen space means that every detail needs to make sense and fit perfectly. Choosing a DIY flatlet kitchen approach instead of hiring contractors is a great way to save money and tackle an exciting project. Many homeowners with free land choose to build a flatlet onto their property, which adds more value to their investment and increases profitability if is rented out on a monthly basis.

Get it right with DIY kitchen solutions that maximise the area potential, without surpassing your budget. The best way to start is to get the right measurements together and draw a rough sketch of the DIY kitchen flatlet you’re aiming to achieve. Ideally, you will want a final kitchen that has enough cupboard space, a surface area for preparing food, a sink for doing dishes, and enough space for the necessary appliances. There are some accessories, like our space-saving pull-out spice rack, that work great in a smaller kitchen.

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Creating DIY Flatlet Cupboards in our Factory

Getting started with your DIY Kitchen Flatlet

With, you can either browse our online shop or visit one of our showrooms, to begin choosing the kitchen cupboards and components from our available ranges. We manufacture all our cupboards, units, and furniture to a meticulous standard using only A-grade wood, and all our products come with a standard 2-year guarantee. Our prices are so good because we produce in large quantities, without any compromise on quality and finesse.

Building or remodelling your kitchen with our DIY designer is another option to consider, especially if your plans are more intricate. By going this route, you are presented with a 3D rendering of your plans, as well as floor plans to guide your project. From small DIY office kitchens to the perfect granny flat kitchen, our expertise can make all the difference in getting the results you want. Enjoy the freedom of doing it yourself with the benefit of our professional input and friendly services. Get ready to make your DIY flatlet kitchen a welcomed addition to any space!

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