Superior PVC Wrap Door Manufacturers in Cape Town

Supawood (MDF) is a very versatile material and any designer’s dream.  A multitude of patterns and designs can be applied to it.  A layer of decorative PVC sheeting can be wrapped through heat and bonded with high performance adhesives to simulate solid wood or any other material.  PVC wrap doors are easy to clean and water resistant.

DIY manufactures PVC wrap doors and supplies directly to the public.  Below is a photo of our showroom where we installed our Squareline doors.  Why not visit us to see for yourself?

We manufacture our PVC wrap doors in various finishes and patterns.
Finishes Variations
16mm S/F
16mm D/F
Shaker Profile
16mm S/F Gloss & Soft Touch
Embossed Wrap
16mm D/F Gloss & Soft Touch
32mm S/F
32mm D/F
32mm S/F Gloss & Soft Touch
32mm D/F Gloss & Soft Touch
Our Wrap Door Profiles
PVC wrap doors do not expose any joins on the front face and is therefore ideal for water intensive applications such as kitchens and bathrooms.
We manufacture a number of profiles as seen below.
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