DIY Designer at the Showroom

Create or enhance a space that perfectly captures the essence of your lifestyle, and the home you’ve always seen yourself living in.The option of home DIY is taking off everywhere, as more homeowners realize the benefits and want the creative freedom that comes along with it. If you find the prospect of DIY kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms daunting but feel excited by the challenge, let our team help you get started with our DIY Designer at the Showroom nearest to you.

DIY Cupboards, home renovations or new installs give everyday people the creative capacity to see parts of themselves reflected throughout their homes. With a little direction from our DIY Designer at the Showroom, your vision can grow and exceed your expectations. To get started, all you need to do is bring the measurements of the area you’re working on along to one of our showrooms, so that we can share some of our DIY designer expertise and input with you. We’ll take the time to meaningfully consult with you, and will show you which materials and lay-out options you can choose from to get the most out of your plans.

By deciding to do it yourself, you will have complete control of the final look of your kitchen, bathroom or whichever room it is you’re working on. Why not try something new that may not be seen in many conventional kitchens or bathrooms, and have it be functional and stylish. You choose the colour of the cupboards, the style and type of handles and even sizes and finishes, working around appliances or furniture that you plan to have in the room. To make sure your design is on track, our DIY Designer at the Showroom you visit will first send you a 3D rendered design of what we discussed, before providing you with a quote and thereafter, a detailed floor plan.

DIY Design, installation or renovation projects are way more affordable than hiring an interior team and construction company to do the work. Once you begin the DIY project of your dreams by accepting our quotation, you also have the option of working with a trusted installer while still managing the project and overseeing the important fundamentals. Simply let us know that this is the route you’re more comfortable with, and we will get you in touch with the right professionals.

Why not make the exciting decision to do it yourself? The effort and the time put in will be rewarded whenever you spend time in your home, and you will feel an amazing sense of accomplishment having played such a significant role in creating a living space that you truly love. You also have our capable and committed team on hand, and can count on quality products and excellent service from the moment you connect with our DIY Designer at the showroom.

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