How to Design a Kitchen for Small Spaces

At, we take the lead in design options for homes and offices of all sizes. Whether you’re remodelling or planning a new build with limited space, our team knows how to design a kitchen for small spaces. We manufacture a range of high-quality, easy-to-assemble kitchen units and cupboards that have the added advantage of being well-priced, to suit varying budgets.
It takes careful planning and commitment to get the best out of a home renovation, and taking the DIY route has the potential to be memorable and fun. When considering how to design a kitchen for small spaces, it comes down to the layout, cupboards, and accessories. Everything should be done with the efficiency of space in mind.

Some Professional Tips for Designing a Small Kitchen

Keep it light

Light colours can help a small kitchen appear more spacious and inviting. When shopping our Express Kitchen range, you can choose from a range of white floor units, wall units, and drawers in different sizes. We also sell a stylish selection of kitchen splashbacks, which you can customise to suit the light interior style of your small kitchen.

Choose the Right Layout

Whether your kitchen is open-plan or separated from your home’s living areas, the right layout is a major factor in making the best of limited space. Typically, an L-shaped or U-shaped layout works nicely for a small kitchen, but a single-wall kitchen with an island is another good option, especially for an open-plan space. The right layout will depend on the exact size of your kitchen, and our professional DIY Designer team can advise you accordingly.

Storage Solutions

The addition of pot and pan drawers, a space-saving pull-out spice rack or a lazy susan-corner carousel makes a big difference in a compact kitchen. As experts in DIY kitchen solutions for small homes, we have plenty of experience with how to design a kitchen for small spaces. Consult with our DIY Designer at the showroom to plan a new kitchen that maximises every inch of available space, while still staying true to your interior design aspirations.


An important part of remodelling is getting rid of unnecessary clutter, and this is especially true for small kitchens. Don’t hold on to appliances that aren’t being used, and limit the amount of appliances and decorative items that you display on your table tops. Our 600mm Kitchen Microwave Unit is a good fit for a small kitchen with little countertop space and our 300mm Kitchen Wall End Display Unit keeps clutter off your kitchen workspaces.

How to design a small kitchen with a tight space.

With this insight on how to design a kitchen for small spaces, you’re set to go! If you’re ready to get started with your kitchen redesign, let show you how to do it right. Shop our online store for inspiration, and pop into the showroom closest to you for professional guidance from our creative DIY Designer.

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