Lazy Susan – Corner Carousel

Your time in your kitchen should be filled with good memories and joyful moments. If you’re considering a renovation to your kitchen, you may be envisioning a more practical setup that improves how you enjoy it. Our high-quality DIY kitchen cupboards look modern and won’t cost a fortune, and accessories like our Lazy Susan – Corner Carousel will elevate the way you cook and organize your shelves.

When clients share their goals for a kitchen build with us, there is almost always a desire to make the best of the space available. Our Express Kitchen range consists of cupboards and units that are ideal for small setups. We also have kitchen accessories that provide space-saving solutions, like our Lazy Susan – Corner Carousel. This two-tier rotating carousel is suited to our 900 mm floor corner unit and cupboards with deep corners and has a high-quality chrome finish.

The benefits of our Lazy Susan – Corner Carousel

If you have a small kitchen, being creative with accessories can make all the difference! At, we specialise in DIY kitchen cupboards that fit compact spaces. Products like our Lazy Susan – Corner Carousel and space-saving pull-out spice rack are also available for purchase through our online shop and can transform the functionality of your kitchen.

Having a Lazy Susan – Corner Carousel in your kitchen cupboard is a practical solution for storing spices or cooking ingredients. It also makes it easier to find what you need in a small cupboard where things often get shoved to the back. All you need to do is spin the turntable and rotate the contents to find what you’re looking for! This amazing kitchen accessory also keeps your cupboard neat and allows for additional storage.

Sometimes the smallest additions to your home can make the biggest difference! If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, let step in with amazing solutions for affordable DIY Cupboards and useful space-saving ideas. A Lazy Susan – Corner Carousel is a simple way to improve your kitchen experience, whether you are renovating or simply want an affordable solution that works in your existing space.

Lazy Susan – Corner Carousel

We offer many DIY solutions to help your renovation plan out perfectly. Our DIY Designer at the showroom closest to you can assist with custom planning and 3D-rendered design representations to guide your kitchen renovation project. You can also choose to shop online and take on your kitchen remodel in stages. Either way, our Lazy Susan – Corner Carousel will be a welcomed feature in your kitchen for many years to come!

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