Kitchen Splashbacks – Transform Your Space

Kitchen Splashbacks – Transform Your Space

Do you want to enhance your kitchen’s appearance effortlessly, while also improving the way it functions? At, you can select your ideal kitchen cupboards, components, and units from our online shop, with your budget and needs guiding your choices. Kitchen Splashbacks and their benefits make them an enticing addition to any modern home.

There are many different ways to improve your kitchen on a budget with Our cupboards and splashbacks are manufactured to look good and last, and we work with property owners to turn their vision into amazing results. A Kitchen Splashback is a great way to protect the wall behind your stove, or any walls behind appliances that you often use to prepare meals. Splashbacks are also a great way to save time on cleaning since they can be easily wiped down to prevent a build-up of grease.

How can Kitchen Splashbacks Transform your Space?

Kitchen Splashbacks Transform your Space

One of our favourite recommendations to present to clients is kitchen splashbacks, as it allows for easy and unique customisation opportunities. If one of your kitchen renovation goals is to improve its appearance, you’re on the right track. Both functional and attractive, our splashbacks are designed with a range of custom graphics or can be printed to your brief, and are all made with high-quality SABS-approved toughened glass that is non-porous.

Your kitchen will be instantly transformed and you can enjoy this stain resistance and hygienic finish, which is also a stylish interior option for your home. Many home owners are seeking DIY kitchen solutions that are loadshedding friendly, and our kitchen splashbacks are heat resistant and suitable for use with all gas cooking appliances. Don’t worry about the colour or print fading or cracking over time – our Kitchen Splashbacks are durable and created to stand the test of time.

There are so many advantages to embarking on a do-it-yourself renovation journey with Our team values affordability and quality and it is easy to shop online, with the option for nationwide delivery. Our DIY Designer at the Showroom closest to you can give you professional input and set you up with floor plans, 3D rendered designs, and advice on material choices and the right design for your kitchen splashback or splashbacks.

Get your Kitchen Splashbacks with!

Get your Kitchen Splashbacks with

Whether you’re close enough to visit us at our factory or are shopping online for delivery to your door, get your kitchen splashbacks from Once we’ve cut the glass to the measurements needed, it only takes our team about an hour to install your kitchen splashback. A quick and easy way to improve your kitchen!

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