What is included in your DIY Package

What is included in your DIY Package?

Choosing to go DIY for a home project is a great way to show yourself in your home, save money and reconnect with your loved ones. We offer a selection of DIY furniture and cupboards, whether your project is for a home renovation or a home repair. If you’re adding to your home with a flatlet, we offer the perfect granny flat kitchen solution, through our DIY Express Kitchen range. You can also gain valuable insight and guidance from our DIY Designers.

For beginners, there are a lot of questions about the do-it-yourself approach to home-building projects. If you’re a first-time client of ours, you might wonder what is included in your DIY Package, to better prepare yourself. Of course, each cupboard or unit ordered will be packed differently, and our online shop details exactly what is included for each unique item under the description tab. Depending on the item you buy, you can expect a flat-packed unit, assembly instructions, backing, hinges, shelving, (adjustable where relevant), and doors to be included. We don’t include handles, knowing that DIY clients often like to choose these themselves.

At DIYCupboards.com, we offer you the convenience of online shopping to start picturing the way your new cupboards, kitchen units, and office furniture will take shape. Our high-quality and locally manufactured bedroom and kitchen cupboards can be ordered for delivery, or you can pick them up at our factory. Unlike typical board shops, we only sell units and not cut-outs, for simplified and enjoyable home DIY. You can also order handles, add-ons, and accessories through our online shop so that you can start to work on assembling the full unit as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.

You will find that our website also features instructional videos, should you struggle and need a little extra help assembling. Many of our clients appreciate the help of a DIY Designer, who is here to assist you with a consultation on the design of your project and can also supply 3D renderings and floor plans to get you started. Our team does the difficult part by cutting, edgings, sorting, drilling, and assembling your units in our factory, so that you have clearly marked and packaged units to work with. There is no reason why your DIY Cupboards won’t look amazing and be the perfect addition to your home – enjoy the process and let us take care of the rest!

So, what is included in your DIY Package? Everything you need to put together a complete unit in good time. This makes DIY an exciting experience and gives you every advantage as you get working on the important elements of your home’s interior. Shop our selection of cupboards, units, furniture, handles, and accessories easily online. We’ve got you covered!

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