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With any kitchen building or renovation venture, you are working towards an envisioned result. At, we work with property owners on different journeys, always finding a way to reach their goals. Shop various units and cupboards to complete your kitchen, and enhance its functionality with the accessories available at

Are you considering how to design a kitchen for small spaces, on a budget? It helps to plan out every section of your kitchen and invest in space-saving solutions. You want your kitchen to feel homely and welcoming, while still allowing you to cook and clean with ease. The accessories available at allow you to customise your interior style, as well as maximise the space you have available.

What Accessories Are a Good Fit for You?

Every kitchen has its look and feel, often similar to the interior style of the house or workspace that it belongs to. With a DIY kitchen project, you have the chance to capture the essence of what you’ve envisioned for your kitchen. We manufacture modular kitchen cupboards and units to suit many interior tastes, and the accessories available at can finish your space off perfectly.

Let our team help you build a small kitchen with all the necessary components, or improve an existing kitchen to its fullest potential. We offer nationwide delivery and welcome you to visit one of our showrooms for visual inspiration. You can also arrange to meet with our DIY Designer for valuable insight and direction, as well as floor plans and detailed 3D renderings.

The accessories available at include our Spice Pull Out 300 rack and the popular lazy Susan Corner Carousel. These both offer optimal space-saving solutions for your DIY Kitchen. The Aluminium Kick Plate 150 mm is a popular purchase for complete kitchens with protection from water damage and wear and tear. Finding what you need to get your kitchen on track is easy, and customising your home through DIY is always an adventure.

Should you get a kitchen sink with your cupboard?

Accessories Available at

This is a good question, and it is advised to have both. You can purchase a combined kitchen cupboard and sink, or you can purchase the sink that you like separately, as part of the accessories available at Choose from the single sink Livinox SEB 780 x 435, Franke Projectline, or single sink for 800mm Contractors Unit. Our double sink options include the Livinox Bianca Double Bowl and the Franke Nouveau Double End Bowl.

Lastly, kitchen taps can also be bought from our DIY online shop. Choose from the Franke Highrise Swivel Sink Mixer Tap Single Lever or the more basic Franke Projectline Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Single Lever. Make decisions based on your space, style, and kitchen needs, and enjoy every minute of your DIY Kitchen project!

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