What Else You Can Buy At Our Factory

The planning and consideration that lies behind the final design of a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom is half the fun, and should be remembered for all the right reasons. At DIY Cupboards, our unmatched expertise and high quality products are an addition to any project, from a major renovation or a new office space to modern home improvements that will enhance your lifestyle or property value. We offer a range of contemporary DIY building products and components, which can all be purchased directly from our Stikland based factory, at factory prices. With us, you can enjoy affordability without compromising on high standards and your dream vision.

Our product range includes PVC Wrap Doors, DIY Cupboards, Flat Packed Units and Customized Furniture, with the aim of being your go-to for any interior design undertakings. You can also purchase stainless steel kitchen sinks from our DIY Cupboards factory, to fit into the cupboard setup you’ve envisioned, and to complete your kitchen in both style and functionality. We offer sinks that fit into units which are already constructed, as well as sink units or kitchenette units which are assembled when you buy them and include sinks, handles and worktops. Your DIY Kitchen project just got a whole lot easier, with our visually pleasing and quality kitchen range!

When transforming or creating a space to the concept you’ve mapped out, it’s important that you purchase products from trusted manufacturers and suppliers – at DIY Cupboards, you’re in great hands. Our range of factory products you can purchase also include splashbacks for your kitchen, which are not only trendy and modern, but also serve the function of being resistant to heat and easy to clean. Our splashbacks are made from SABS approved glass, while being stain-resistant and non-porous. We have an in-house team to help you install these splashbacks, and you can choose from 20 custom colour and print options.

Aesthetically attractive and serving as a hygienic barrier, more and more homeowners are opting to enclose the areas underneath their kitchen cabinets with kick plates. Kick plates keep your cabinets off the floor, and protect them from being damaged over time. Kick plates also stop dirt and grime from collecting in hard to clean areas. You can purchase stainless steel kick plates which are designed to your specifications at our DIY Cupboard factory, and our team will demonstrate installation to you to make this another seamless DIY experience. We love helping you to live out your DIY dreams and make it our mission to offer products that are uncomplicated to install, modern to behold and elevated in functionality and durability.

You can also purchase products like cupboard door hinges, taps, cupboard door handles and drawer runners at our factory shop. Show our DIY Cupboard team your building plan and design ideas, and let us work with you to make your project a successful one!

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