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Level up your office with our excellent quality selection of DIY office furniture. A workday looks different for everyone, and your office setup should inspire you to be productive and feel great! Let help you create a modern home office or furnish an office your employees will appreciate. We offer national delivery and our DIY designer at the showroom can assist you with design plans and ideas for any space.

Pick the Right Desk or Desks

Student desk (white).

Our student desk (white) and student desk (colour) offer compact workspaces that look sleek and neat. These desks don’t take up much space and adding the desktop unit (white) and desktop unit (colour) allows for storage above the desks. If you require a bigger desk with large drawers and a place to store files, you’ll love our office desk 2-drawer 2-tone.
Choosing the right office desk is important, so consider the size of your space and the work that you will be doing. Our team knows what to look for in a home office desk and can advise you!

Storage Solutions

Space saver 4-drawer unit.

We have storage options for your DIY office to keep it clean and organised. The classic space-saver 3-drawer unit comes in colour and white and is a compact unit not exceeding 550mm in width. The space saver 4 drawer unit also comes in both colour and white. The contemporary chest of drawers (white) and chest of drawers (colour) are the larger drawer options that offer a sturdy surface area. These units are all preassembled and can only be collected or couriered in the Cape Peninsula.

A popular office furniture item is our office drawers – 3 drawers & pencil drawer (white) – this can also be ordered in the colour option. Another useful asset to an office setup is a credenza, which offers versatile storage options and enhanced aesthetic style. You can purchase our affordable credenza (colour) option or credenza (white) option, both of which are easy to assemble. Natural wood colours and white can work well in an office environment, your choice depends on your taste and existing setup.

Filing Units and Drawers

Filing cabinet without drawers (white).

An effective filing system will eliminate unnecessary work stress and keep things neat. We have a few options for you to choose from. Our filing cabinet with doors (white) and open filing cabinet – without doors (white) provide ample storage for files and other important documents. You also have the option of the filing cabinet without doors (colour). Our student cupboard (white) is great for safekeeping and storing on a smaller scale, and even has hanging space inside. Our wall-filling units are available in colour and white.


800mm book case (colour).

A bookcase in your home or on-location office can add a cosy finish. At, we manufacture and sell a 600mm bookcase (colour) and a 600mm bookcase (white), to match any style. The larger version of this popular bookcase, which is 800 mm wide, is also available in colour and white options.

Get your DIY office where you need it to be! Shop our range of affordable and modern office furniture online to get started.

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