Social Outreach Projects by DIY

Cane Quality Products

Cane Quality Products specialise in producing cane products such as drawers, laundry and picnic baskets, trays and much more. The company aims to empower those who are either blind or have poor eyesight by creating work opportunities in their workshop. They also specialise in repairing and refilling all cane furniture and do the installation of white leather riempie. Their team consists of eight blind and poorly sighted people. Two pensioners are responsible for creating the frames and staining of the products and two people are the “eyes” of the shop.

Our Involvement

We strongly believe in the wonderful work that Cane Quality Products do to uplift people with disabilities. We’ve been supporting them for the last seven years and choose to continue even though our large suppliers offer the same product on 30 day accounts. It has been a privilege to partner with an organisation that truly cares about those in need. Our further support will focus on promoting their products of quality and great craftsmanship to our customers. We would like to thank Rita who runs the organisation for the amazing work and effort that she puts into this initiative.

Huis Martina

Huis Martina is an old-age home that is situated in Parow Valley, Cape Town. DIY cupboards donated and installed cupboards for their tearoom.


On behalf of the senior nursing staff of House Martina, we wish to thank you one more time for the fantastic gift of cupboards for our tearoom. Please be assured that we truly appreciate and enjoy it.

Dairin Rheeder – Assistant Manager

Solideriteit Helpende Hand

Solidariteit Helpende Hand was founded in 1949 as an answer to the Afrikaner-poverty crisis of our time. Solidariteit Helpende Hand has more than 30,000 supporters contributing via debit order on a monthly basis. They receive no assistance from government and are dependent on donations from everyday people in order to fund their projects.


Thank you for your support of “Solidariteit Helpende Hand” with your selfless donation to our organisation. The built-in cupboards in both our kitchen and classrooms will improve and ease the learning experience and overall functioning of our centre.
We appreciate the confidence you have in our organisation through the donation received.
Through your willingness to make a contribution, you are joining us in amplifying stories of hope which most of our people so desperately need.
Thousands of our people experience a great shortage of necessities. Furthermore there are many of our children with potential, but without the material and support to continue their studies after Matric.
For this reason we at “Solidariteit Helpende Hand” believe that encouragement through education is the best option in the long run to address poverty.
The other solution lies within the fact that communities need to be mobilised to address the need within their depths of despair.
Every and any donation enables us to make a difference in someone’s life and by so doing we create hope for a better tomorrow.
Thank you for showing you care.

Joey Lötter – Manager, Strand Community Centre

Community Mental Health and Psychiatry

Community Mental Health and Psychiatry (CMHP) manages various Mental Health related long-term facilities and group homes in the greater Cape Town and Boland area, Western Cape Province, for individuals with a psychiatric diagnosis. Their focus is mainly based on Psychiatric Rehabilitation (PSR) principles and models.


On behalf of Community Mental Health and Psychiatry (CMHP), I would like to thank you for your contribution and installation of shelves and bedside cabinets at Bowker House.
The generous support of individuals like you makes it possible for our organization to exist and to make our community a great place to live.

Joëline Chiu – Financial Counsellor

Bowker House

Bowker House (Bellville) is a 66 bed frail care facility for psychiatric patients located on the Stikland Hospital Grounds. It was named after Dr Miles Bowker, retired Medical Superintendent of Stikland Hospital, who played a major role in the birth of our homes.


On behalf of the directors, staff, residents and students at Bowker House, I wish to thank you. Your efforts and involvement is greatly appreciated.
Keeping the resident’s cupboard tidy is much easier. The caretakers’ workload is much lighter and the students love their new bedside cupboards.
Due to the fact that we are a non-profit, every and any support and donations helps tremendously.
As Manager of Bowker House, words will never be able to describe the level of appreciation I have for you.
Thank you very much.

Maudie Mills – Manager

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