Tips for Installing Flatpack Furniture

Are you embarking on a DIY adventure, but have some reservations? Don’t let the assembling of flat-packed furniture and ready-to-assemble furniture stress you out. At, our extensive range of cupboards and furniture is easy to assemble so that anyone can do it! Most compact units we manufacture and sell (under 600mm wide and tall) are assembled in our factory. If you prefer your larger unit assembled, we’re happy to accommodate you, as long as you can collect it yourself.

Pro Tips for Installing Flatpacked Furniture

Organisation and Preparation

Clear surrounding clutter and make sure you have everything you need before you get started. All our flat-packed furniture and units come with assembly instructions and hardware to help you. When you unpack the box, place all the same pieces together and keep all the hardware in their packets until you need them.

Understand the Instructions

The assembly instructions we include are your map to success when installing flat-packed furniture. We detail all the steps you should follow and provide clearly marked and packaged units.  If you get stuck at any point, simply give us a shout!

Don’t Rush It

If it is your first time assembling flat-packed furniture, or there are plenty of components, it might take a while. Have fun with the project instead of rushing through it and risking mistakes that could potentially damage the unit. Remember that the DIY process is part of the fun, and your efforts will be well worth it!

Make it a Team Effort

Have a friend help you install your DIY cupboard.

Smaller items can be easily assembled by one person, but larger items might require two people for easier installation. An extra set of hands makes it less challenging to manage heavier objects and carry out instructions with ease. It’s also more enjoyable to have good company during your DIY tasks!

Check Stability once Complete

A quality check of your installation is important so that you can move on with peace of mind. Make sure the assembled furniture can withstand the required weight, and that it is not unstable. If you’ve accidentally overlooked a step or a screw is loose or missing, this has to be fixed for the safe use of the properly assembled unit.

In conclusion, your successful DIY home project with can be a memorable venture! Our tips for installing flatpack furniture are available to serve as a useful guide. Whether you’re crafting your dream kitchen or assembling office furniture, we have furniture, cupboards, and units for your needs! Start by visiting our online shop today.

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