Our DIY PDF Catalogue is Always Updated

While we manufacture and sell a quality selection of DIY products through our online store, you can also access our PDF catalogue directly from our website. This means you can print and browse our catalogue at your leisure, or present interior design ideas (along with accurate measurements) to your DIY design and project team.

From modular cupboards to trendy kitchen floor and wall units, we’ve got it all! Our DIY product range is available to make your building and renovation projects an enjoyable success! If you’re new to DIY, let us put your mind at ease! We’ve manufactured DIY cupboards, units, and furniture that are easy to put together, so even if it is your first time you can enjoy the role you play in elevating your home. From small flatlet kitchens to modern bathroom vanities, our DIY PDF catalogue is always updated to help you plan!

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Any time that a home or office renovation comes together or a new build takes shape through DIY, it is extra rewarding! Our clients have come to rely on us for valuable and professional recommendations when it comes to amazing home upgrades. Visit our online shop for inspiration, and download our DIY PDF catalogue which is always updated. You can also bring your ideas to one of our showrooms, to benefit from the insight of our DIY Designer!

Our DIY PDF catalogue is always updated to reflect the current products available on DIYCupboards.com. This PDF will also show the date of the day you accessed it through a date stamp, and includes product names, dimensions, KSU names, and prices. While we can change our prices at any time, you will always be able to download the most recent catalogue from our website to make sure you have the correct prices. Whether you’re simply improving your workspace or have a big remodelling project coming up, let us make your venture a success!

Our Bathroom Range, Bedroom Range, and Office Furniture are all accessible on our DIY PDF Catalogue, always updated and relevant. Our Express Kitchens, Hardware, and Kitchenettes also feature on the PDF Catalogue so that you’ve got the complete scope of what we offer available to you at all times.

Our DIY PDF Catalogue is Always Updated

Download and save our DIY PDF Catalogue of products!

Whether you want to save some ideas or print out the document for reference, you can simply access our updated DIY PDF catalogue of products online. Start looking forward to the exciting prospect of DIY renovations and builds!

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