More about our DIY Designer

More about our DIY Designer

The home you live in should be able to accommodate all your needs, and if it doesn’t, you might consider home renovations to improve your lifestyle. At, we make it simple to take on do-it-yourself home renovation projects. We manufacture and sell high-quality modular cupboards and pre-assembled or easy-to-assemble units, which are available from our online shop. For help getting started, find out more about our DIY Designer.

Making use of our DIY Designers

We regularly work with clients who have never embarked on DIY renovations before, and have seen their projects take shape perfectly! Many times, this is thanks to our DIY Designer at the showroom, who has the acumen to present 3D-rendered designs and detailed floor plans that guide clients through each step with ease. Our designers can also show you the available materials and make suggestions for the best outcomes, as well as discuss layout options for the best end results. You’re investing time and money towards your home improvements, so make it count!

While the cupboards that we produce are easy to assemble or even pre-assembled in our factory beforehand, DIY can still be daunting for some individuals. Our DIY Designer instils a level of confidence that makes the entire do-it-yourself experience much more enjoyable, and once you have accepted the quotation and begun your project, you can check in with us or make use of the DIY instructional videos we share online if you need further assistance. Whether you’re updating your home to enjoy the benefits of modular kitchen cupboards or modular bedroom cupboards, you’re in the right place to find what you need.

Give yourself all the tools you need to succeed at your DIY home build or remodel, with the expertise and direction of our DIY Designer. We have collaborated with clients on projects varying in complexity and always find a way to bring to life the vision that is being worked towards. When you save and buy your cupboards from the factory directly, you’re also allowing yourself the opportunity to play a role in how the changes to your home come together. Once you have chosen everything that you need and placed your order, we can deliver to you anywhere in the nation!

Start looking forward to what your upcoming home renovations will lead to! Visit the showroom closest to you and plan important details with our creative and insightful DIY Designer. It is always a great feeling for us to be involved in your project and watch your ideas take shape. Let your DIY adventures begin!

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