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Our DIY Designer Team is Here To Assist

At, we know that your home renovation project is filled with potential, and we love joining you on the venture of actualizing your vision. Everything great first starts out as an idea and grows from there. Your DIY home project should be a time of making memories and creating a setup you will appreciate for years to come. Our DIY Designer Team is here to assist you in elevating your vision to fit your space.

We offer DIY clients a money-saving solution that is still modern and of a high technical standard. Take a look at our online shop to begin planning out the basics of your kitchen, bedroom, or workspace setup. We offer a contemporary DIY Express Kitchen range suited to smaller setups like offices and granny flats. Our Kitchen cupboards and units can also be placed in larger kitchens, and we also sell a selection of Kitchen splashbacks. If you’re still new to the do-it-yourself approach to home remodeling, you’re in perfect hands at – our DIY Designer Team is here to assist you, to give you the guidance you’ll need to succeed.

When you make use of our products to fill your home and add functionality and style, quality is promised. Any item you purchase from comes with a 2-year guarantee, while only the best A-grade boards are used in our factory. Our service to you is personal, as we consult you and help design your project. Our showroom-based DIY Designer is here to assist with comprehensive 3D drawings and accurate floor plans, which are centered on the ideas you share with us. It’s important to select the right materials and have the correct measurements on hand before your renovation or building project commences.

Our Designer Team is here to assist, and you can choose how involved you want to be in the DIY aspect of your home project. Full DIY is the best for cost saving, while moderate assistance from trusted installers is also fairly affordable. Our installers can even do full installations for your project if your budget allows for it. Often, the excitement of doing a complete DIY remodeling project is the driving factor for clients, who enjoy feeling a sense of accomplishment and care in their living and working spaces.

There is so much to consider when planning a DIY undertaking. Start looking forward to the outcome and enjoy working towards an exciting outcome, knowing that our DIY Designer Team is here to assist you wherever needed.

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