Kitchen Splashbacks enhance the interior style of your kitchen

Kitchen Splashbacks and their Benefits

When finalising the look and functionality of your kitchen, splashbacks can add an element of style, without taking up extra space. They also serve the important function of protecting the walls behind your stove, or anywhere that you’ll be using appliances or preparing meals. DIY Cupboards sell a selection of Kitchen Splashbacks to suit any kitchen interior, from modern and sleek to charming and traditional.

When it comes to planning and achieving your dream kitchen, the DIY route gives you a first-hand opportunity to influence how everything comes together. A thoughtfully selected Kitchen Splashback is an interior finish that can transform a space, as well as protect it. Here are a few of the main benefits of installing Kitchen Splashbacks:

Easy to clean and hygienic:

If you’re all about simplicity, our SABS approved glass Kitchen Splashbacks offer a smooth surface that just requires a quick wipe down to be kept clean. The use of glass makes it impenetrable by bacteria and water, which is the ideal solution for maintaining a hygienic space, where dirt and grease cannot build up over time.


A Splashback with an attractive designs or print can add an edge.

Our range of Kitchen Splashbacks can be ordered with custom graphics, so that your interior visions are executed perfectly. If you are planning a simple kitchen design, you can opt for a one colour splashback that blends in and serves it function. For kitchen’s that are more contemporary, bold prints, a mixture of colours or the choice of an attractive designs or print can add an edge.

Resistant to Heat:

With more and more modern households choosing to make use of gas cooking appliances, heat resistance is a very important consideration.Our Kitchen Splashbacks are created with 6mm Opti-clear toughened glass, which can handle very high heat without being damaged.

Durability and Affordability:

If you’re playing it safe with the construction or remodelling of your kitchen, or cannot make major changes because of a tight budget, a Kitchen Splashback is a creative alternative. These splashbacks don’t crack and fade in colour as they age, and they are also stain resistant and non-porous. Purchasing and having your Kitchen Splashback installed by our team is affordable, while also saving you money over time.

Quick installation:

Change up your kitchen without the lengthy renovation times that scare away many homeowners. Our in-house installation team work fast, so that you don’t have to stop your daily routines and put cooking on hold while we work. The installation of your Kitchen Splashback should not take more than an hour, once we have cut the glass to the correct measurements.

Choose from our DIY Cupboards selection of quality glass Kitchen Splashbacks online, and make your kitchen a space that you’ll love to spend time in.

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