How to Look After Your DIY Cupboards

When you’ve invested in a new kitchen that you love or have replaced bathroom or bedroom cupboards, the next step is learning how to look after them. Staying mindful of the condition of your cupboards helps to preserve them so that you can enjoy them for years to come. At, all our cupboards are made with high-quality A-grade wood, and our incredible workmanship shows in the finished products we manufacture and sell.

The condition of your cupboards is largely in your hands. If you’re wondering how to look after your DIY Cupboards, here are some useful tips:

Clean them regularly

Gently clean your cupboards and wipe down surfaces using a damp cloth and mild cleaning detergents. Avoid using abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals like bleach, as it does more harm than good and can cause your cupboards to become damaged. It is also important to dry your cupboards well after cleaning, to avoid water damage or the warping of wood.

Avoid Excess Moisture

Most kitchens and bathrooms are designed to keep cupboards as far away from areas prone to high humidity as possible. Even so, it is important to make sure your cupboards stay dry, and you can do so by using exhaust fans and dehumidifiers in your kitchen or bathroom, and keeping windows open occasionally for fresh air. When cooking, put on your extractor fan to help minimise the steam, and don’t place your kettle directly beneath a cupboard.

Protect them from Heat

Direct heat can cause discolouration and damage to the surfaces of your cupboards. Instead of placing hot items down directly, rather make use of heat-resistant mats under hot plates and appliances. Being mindful of the simple things goes a long way in caring for your kitchen cupboards.

Adjust Hardware When Necessary

Check and tighten cupboard hinges and handles from time to time, making sure that they are aligned correctly. This will keep them functioning well and can also prevent further wear and tear from occurring. When considering how to look after your DIY Cupboards the best way possible, you should make time for the required maintenance. If your cupboards are old, look out for signs it’s time to replace your cupboards.

Proper Organisation

Organised cupboards are not just useful when it comes to improving decluttered kitchens and bathrooms. If you maximize the potential of your cupboard space and use drawer dividers and shelf organisers, you’re also looking after your cupboards. Overloading shelves can cause strain on hinges and hardware.

How to look after your DIY Cupboards

At, we manufacture and sell high-quality DIY kitchen cupboards. You can count on us for sound advice on how to look after your DIY Cupboards!

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