Space Saving Pull out Spice Rack

Space Saving Pull out Spice Rack

When you’re embarking on a remodelling journey of your kitchen, consider the space you have available. Any upgrades to a smaller kitchen will usually be based on the intention of space-saving, so it helps to make considered purchases of the right accessories to fit your new kitchen cupboards. At, we value practicality and style when it comes to your DIY kitchen!

Every home deserves a kitchen that makes cooking enjoyable, and it helps when modern cupboards and accessories enhance the appearance of the space. In addition to manufacturing high-quality and affordable DIY Kitchen cupboards, we also sell a range of kitchen cupboard accessories in our online shop and in our factory. One item that remains popular amongst DIY clients seeking space-saving solutions is the spice pull out rack that we sell, which fits our 300 mm wide floor unit perfectly.

The function served by the spice pull out rack is the space that it saves in your cupboards. This addition leaves your cupboard free to store other items along with the spices you need to access with ease. Like all the cupboards that we produce, the spice rack is easy to install and makes perfect sense in any kitchen, whether it offers additional storage or helps you to categorise and simplify the way your cupboards are packed. The best kitchens are those that minimise effort and maximise efficiency, which is where our accessory range makes a difference!

DIY Designer at the Showroom

we often recommend our space saving pull out spice rack

More about our DIY Designer

Our DIY Designer at the Showroom is an expert at identifying opportunities to better an existing kitchen, and can also help you design a new kitchen for a home or office that is being built. You can bring your kitchen idea and let us 3D design it, according to your budget and requirements. When it comes to compact home kitchens, we often recommend our space saving pull out spice rack to best utilise the available space. If your renovation budget is tight, it also makes sense to improve your existing setup and save money.

Get excited about the possibilities that come with upgrading your kitchen! The do-it-yourself approach allows property owners to bring their visions for the ideal living spaces to life, and to enjoy the results of their efforts. With the help of, you can make sure you’re on the right path to creating a kitchen that does everything you need it to. Shop our online store of affordable DIY kitchen cupboards and useful accessories that can improve the way your kitchen comes together and works for you!

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