Why the 900 combo cupboard is so popular

Why The 900 Combo Cupboard Is So Popular

Last year we reported that our most popular cupboard for 2023 was the 900 combo. So far in 2024 and likely for years to come, this fact remains unchanged! While we can appreciate the high-quality manufacturing and A-grade wood that was used to produce this cupboard, many additional features help it to stand out. When our team considers why this modern cupboard is so popular, there are plenty of reasons!

The versatility of the 900 Combo Standard is easily one of its best advantages. It is a large cupboard that falls under many categories and can fit into many spaces, providing ample storage thanks to its size. If you’re looking to add style and functionality to your bedroom with DIY cupboards, then you’re in the right place!

What Clients Love About The 900 Combo Standard

Quality Manufacturing

This built-in cupboard is locally manufactured using an A-grade white double-faced melamine chipboard. There is also a white hardboard backing that strengthens its structure and has a smooth surface. The cupboard doors have impact edging for a sophisticated finish that is long-lasting and durable.

Ideal for Anywhere

This cupboard fits any indoor space! Use it as a bedroom cupboard with packing and hanging space. Let it serve as a cupboard in your kitchen for cleaning supplies and tall items like an ironing board, mops and brooms, and a vacuum cleaner. For homeowners with plenty of items in their garage, the 900 Combo can store gardening and home tools, hose pipes, and more. It is also ideal for high-pressure storage.

Easy to Assemble

Another reason that the 900 Combo Cupboard is so popular is that it is easy to assemble. While you can choose to have it assembled by our team and collect it yourself, we also offer nationwide delivery of the flat-packed unit. With easy-to-follow assembly instructions, you can get this DIY project done quickly. Check out our tips for installing flatpack furniture to get started!

It’s Great Value for Money

This affordable cupboard offers so much without costing you a fortune. DIY has always been known as a cost-effective option, and our flat-packed cupboards are no exception. Your home furniture and cupboards on a budget are sorted when you visit the DIYCupboard.com website!

The 900 Combo Standard is one of our most popular cupboards

Our team are driven by the endless possibilities that come with DIY home and office projects. If you’re looking for a great cupboard with a lot of space and a contemporary appearance, we have it! There are plenty of qualities to appreciate, which is why the 900 Combo Cupboard is so popular. We also manufacture and sell modular kitchen cupboards, bedroom cupboards, office furniture and more!

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