What to Look for in a Home Office Desk

Most modern workspaces offer hybrid positions to their employees or allow them to work from home permanently. This trend has been welcomed and inspires many individuals to create a DIY home office or workspace that motivates them to be productive. Our DIYCupboards.com team knows how to direct you, from what to look for in a home office desk to how to make space for your filing and additional office needs.

The desk you choose for your home office requires some thought. Firstly, consider where your home office or workspace is set up – do you have a dedicated office space, or is your desk sectioned off as part of your living room or bedroom? This will determine if you can accommodate a larger or smaller desk – what to look for in a home office desk should suit your space, style, and work needs.

Your ideal Home Office Desk at DIY Cupboards.com

At DIYCupboards.com, we help you maximise the potential of any space, for the perfect home office! Our office furniture range includes high-quality DIY cupboards, filing units, bookcases, drawers, and desks. See how simple DIY is – you can assemble your furniture easily with incredible results, and if you aren’t sure where to begin, we can show you what to look for in a home office desk.

Browse through our online store of DIY office furniture and choose the pieces you like. If you’re concerned about how things will come together, let our DIY Designer at the showroom assist you.
Our advice for what to look for in a home office desk.

Durability and Longevity

Choose a good quality desk that will last long. Material plays a big role – at DIYCupboards.com, we only use a-grade wood to produce furniture and cupboards that stand the test of time.

Available Space

Measure out your space and ensure you’re investing in a desk that fits nicely and works with whatever furniture you plan to have around it. We sell more compact desktop units, as well as a student desk and our popular office desk 2 –2-drawer 2-tone.


When it comes to what to look for in a home office desk, one thing is clear – your desk’s best friend is its chair. Make sure your desk complements your chair, both ergonomically and design-wise. The chair also needs to fit nicely under the desk, which is another reason measurements are important.

The Right Desk Type

Choosing between a larger desk and a smaller desk is fundamental, and comes down to how much space you have available. If you have a smaller space, consider purchasing additional storage space to keep your work files close by.

What to look for in a home office desk.

Make the right choice by opting for the home office setup that suits your style and needs. At DIYCupboards.com, we’re here to get your home office on the level that you need it to be!

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