The importance of panels and fillers

The Importance of Panels and Fillers

Making the exciting choice to design your own kitchen or renovate a section of your home with DIY Cupboards is exciting. You have the chance to turn your visions into a reality, while also saving money on hiring contractors that won’t have the same passion for your projects. One piece of advice we often share with DIY beginners is the importance of panels and fillers.

At, we can guide you through the steps to your dream DIY project. Shop for the perfect kitchen, office, and bedroom cupboards from our online shop. Self-service online shopping lets you brainstorm different styles, while our DIY designer at the showroom closest to you is available to consult and direct you further. Once you’ve decided on your design ideas and picked out the cupboards you like, it needs to fit into the space seamlessly. Fillers, kick plates, and panels are all useful additions to your kitchen installation, as they ensure a good fit with no gaps.

If you have a skew wall that makes it difficult to fit a cupboard properly, or if you’re working with a wall that runs at an angle, a filler can be custom cut to fill the gap. Typically, our clients benefit from fillers when they are adding cupboards to tight spaces and corners as well, to ensure a finished and stylish look. In the same sense, kick plates make a difference in the complete look of your kitchen, while also protecting your cupboards from damage and serving as a barrier between your DIY cupboards and the floor. Kick plates add to the look of your finished kitchen, and we sell them in white or aluminum.

When it comes to finalizing your remodeled kitchen, it is the smallest details that make a big difference. The importance of panels and fillers should be taken into consideration so that your cupboards connect seamlessly and look as good as they possibly can, while also functioning well. You can also purchase your kitchen panels direct from our factory with a 2-year guarantee, through our online store. These panels are rectangular-shaped boards covering the exposed sides of your cabinets and cupboards, for a clean finish on your DIY Cupboard installations.

Take your renovation project to the next level by considering all the important components that will bring everything together at the end. At, we offer high-quality DIY Cupboards and can advise you on the design and installation phases as needed. If you want to work with one of our creative DIY Designers on panel and filler options, we can help you to get it right.

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