Space-Saving Brilliance: Kitchen Wall End Display Units

Do you have many beautiful things in your kitchen with nowhere to put them? Saving space in your kitchen can be particularly difficult, especially if you’re short on shelving, cabinet, and cupboard space. Introducing: kitchen wall end display units! ¬†Using wall ends as space-saving units fills awkward gaps in your kitchen, adds space to show off your treasures, and gives your kitchen a facelift by adding something aesthetically pleasing. Discover gorgeous open plan shelving–the lookout point your plenties need.

How To Save Space with Grace Using Wall End Displays

The open shelving of our flatpack DIY wall end displays makes for easy access and bountiful display opportunities. There are also tons of design variations you can use, like our personal favourite: the floating shelf, the corner shelf, or even tiered shelves, super easy to customise to your style. Try adding decorative items in conjunction with your displayed items to add a bit of a kick to your space.

DIY Kitchen Wall End Display Inspiration

Here are some ideas to inspire you to build your DIY kitchen wall end display units!

Triangle Shelf

DIY custom cupboard wall end triangle shelf.

We don’t offer this triangle corner shelf unit as a pre-made flatpack. However, if you’re really in love with this idea, you could always commission our DIY designer to make a shelf exactly like this one. See how the crockery is positioned nicely next to the decorative elements? It’s open-plan, stylish, and functional.

White DIY Corner Kitchen Unit

White DIY flatpack kitchen wall corner display unit.

We like this picture a lot because it looks pretty similar to DIY Cupboards’ stunning flatpack corner kitchen display unit. It’s not exactly the same, but it gives you a relatively good idea of how our flatpack could look in your kitchen.

The Corner Cupboard

DIY kitchen corner cupboard.

If you’re not so into the whole open plan thing, you could always try out a corner cupboard unit to give your kitchen bounty a hideaway of its own. We have a unit exactly like this one here.

If you need help deciding how to employ a corner display unit in your kitchen, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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