Should You Get A Kitchen Sink with Your Cupboard?

There are many optional components when it comes to a kitchen, but a sink is not one of them. A good kitchen will have cupboard space, areas for food preparation and appliances, and a sink. You will use the sink when you cook and for rinsing or cleaning dishes. From small office kitchens to trendy home kitchens, a sink is an essential element to have.

When deciding on the type of sink you want during a DIY kitchen installation, there are important factors to consider. You should invest in a good-quality kitchen sink that fits well. It is also a good idea to place your sink by a window for natural light, ventilation, and aesthetics. At, we sell contractor kitchenette units and sink units, with and without sinks. You can also purchase a separate sink from our hardware range, under accessories.

Choosing the right Kitchen Sink and Cupboard

Our incredible DIY Designer at the showroom can be consulted. Let us advise on the placement of your sink and help you design and build the perfect kitchen! There are so many benefits to DIY kitchen ventures, so take the time to consider what you want from the new kitchen you’re working towards.

It makes the most sense to purchase a kitchen sink with your cupboard, whether the unit and sink are separate or together. This will allow for the functional use of your kitchen from the get-go. At, you will find that our 1350 mm contractors’ kitchenette – excluding sink offers additional packing space and a drawer while being the ideal fit for a double sink. For more compact spaces, our 800mm contractors sink unit – excluding sink is a popular option.

Our kitchen cupboard with sink options is ideal if you’re looking for a complete set. We manufacture the modern 1350mm contractors kitchenette – sink included. This quality kitchen cupboard and sink is a great buy and ensures quick installation. Our 800mm contractors sink unit – including sink takes up less space and is popular for granny flat DIY kitchens and office kitchens.

Buy your DIY kitchen sink at to complete your kitchen. Single stainless steel sink options include the Franke Projectline sink and Livinox SEB 780 x 435 sink. For double sink options, choose between the Livinox Bianca Double Bowl and Frank Nouveau Double End Bowl sinks.

Should you get a kitchen sink with your cupboard?

A kitchen sink is a staple in any home or office kitchen. From the initial planning phase of your DIY kitchen project to its execution, you’ll need to factor in space for the kitchen sink and cupboard.

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