Perfect Vanity with Custom Cupboards, Tops, and Basins

If you’re in the planning phase of building or remodelling your bathroom, you’re in the right place! At, we can assist you with a striking online shop of options for furnishing and styling your bathroom. You can also envision your perfect vanity with custom cupboards, tops, and basins, where you can create your own style from our range.

Shopping for a unique and tailored vanity for your bathroom can quickly prove expensive and challenging. Not all stores sell premade vanities that match your measurements and suit your style. Our vanity solutions allow you to get creative during the design stage, and also save you money. Let our team guide you through your kitchen remodelling venture with confidence!

Our DIY Bathroom Solutions make customisation easy!

Create your perfect vanity with custom cupboards, tops, and basins. Our DIY bathroom range is complete with a great selection that can appeal to many tastes, for tailored bathroom design options you will love. We also manufacture our products to perfection in our factory, using A-grade boards for lasting quality. Custom finishes and carefully selected tops, basins, handles, and taps all come together in the final result – a striking vanity for your new bathroom!

The process of creating your perfect vanity with custom cupboards, tops, and basins is easy! When viewing our online bathroom range, start by selecting the cupboard (or cupboards) that you like best. Next, choose a surface from our tops that will complement the cupboards you’ve selected to your design preferences. Take a look at the basins we offer and choose one (or even two) that you prefer, according to the cupboard and tops you have in mind. We also sell handles, accessories, mixers, and wastes.

At, our DIY Designer is available to those who require professional assistance with their bathroom projects. We can help you with advice, cutting lists, comprehensive floor plans, and detailed 3D renderings that bring your ideas to life. There are so many ways to make your space work for you and not against you, even if your bathroom is small. The perfect vanity with custom cupboards, tops, and basins can be tailored to work perfectly for you!

Create a unique Bathroom Vanity with our help!

Unique Bathroom Cupboard

At, clients come to us with ideas that are close to their hearts. For bathroom renovations, we can offer a uniquely perfect vanity with custom cupboards, tops, and basins. You can create your vision online and let our team of experts guide you wherever needed. We also offer nationwide delivery to help you on your way!

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