Need Custom Cupboards? Let Us Build Them For You

Not everyone’s space is cut out for run-of-the-mill cupboards. You might have a special idea in mind, or your space might have unusual dimensions that need special attention when it comes to fitting storage solutions. Enter DIY Cupboards, your one-stop shop for personalised and custom-fitted cabinets. Our DIY designer team specialises in innovative cupboard building and effectively collaborating with patrons to discover and create brand-new ways to implement cupboards into your space. Here’s why you should think of DIY cupboards when you think of custom storage.

 Why Get Custom Cupboards?

Simply put, custom cupboards might just be the answer to your storage woes. They can be fitted for almost any dimension– for spaces as awkward as you please, or the most wonderful and weirdest ideas out there. We delight in wrapping our heads around innovative solutions and creating, from concept to creation.

Plus, custom cupboards can be personalised to your preferred storage capacity. We’re here to help. Also, they can be customised to elevate your existing space by adding curves or edges to your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Choose from an extensive array of colours, finishes, and add-ons galore.

See how we make our custom cupboards here.

Awesome Custom Cupboards We’ve Made

Here are some cool examples of custom cupboards we’ve designed and made.

Midnight Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Glossy blue DIY custom kitchen cupboards.

This is one of our favourites. We love the gorgeous dark blue our patron chose, as well as how it compliments the gorgeous stone custom splashback. See also: DIY Cupboard’s microwave nook right above the sink.

Dark Brown Kitchen Cupboards

Plain black custom DIY kitchen cupboards.

Our designers had a blast with this one, especially with making the cupboards with the flaps. The dark brown cupboards perfectly fit in with the oven and contrast with the white countertops, creating a seamless style. We love the modernity and effortlessly cool vibe these cupboards have created.

Sleek White Masterpiece

Glossy white DIY kitchen cupboards.

Check out these gorgeous glossy white cupboards! They look like they should be straight out of Home magazine. It was a pleasure working with this customer to create the simple, yet elegant kitchen of their dreams. The kitchen has a Parisian chic look about it. Achieve a look just like this one with our team by your side.

In love with our cupboards yet? Contact our team today to start work on the cabinets of your dreams.

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