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Let Our DIY Designer Help With Your Cutting List

Our services extend far beyond just assisting you with the DIY Cupboards and custom furniture you require. We offer everything, from factory manufactured and complete units, extra components and add-ons, to your all-important cutting lists. This gives even the most amateur DIY property owners an excellent opportunity to enjoy their home improvements or building projects.

There is so much that is essential to carrying out a successful DIY building plan, from the formation of an idea to the final reveal. With DIY Cupboards, clients can choose how involved they want to be, and how much assistance they want from our team. Let our DIY Designer help with your cutting list, which is an important addition to any do-it-yourself building endeavour. A cutting list serves as a material list, and details all the parts which will be needed to construct your project. Each part is numbered for easy organization, and its thickness, width and length are outlined, so that pieces of wood or unit components can be correctly cut, exactly to your requirements.

In addition to assisting you with a clear and concise cutting list for enhanced project efficiency, visiting our DIY Designer also works out your units and hardware quantities. Visit us at our Stikland based factory showroom, and let one of our expert consultants assist you with 3D drawings and floor plans, as well as consult your upcoming construction project, lending our professional insight.

Whether you’re simply adding a few new cupboards to a space in your home or are designing a new kitchen, bedroom or office space from scratch, we’re available when you need us. We can assist you with your cutting list, whether it is extensive or simple, so that your project is lined up to be as uncomplicated as possible. We also offer a 2 year guarantee on our high quality products.

Our units are usually assembled if they are 600mm wide and tall. If they exceed this size, they will generally be supplied flat-packed – this is because it can be almost impossible to fit large, pre-assembled units through doorways and into standard sized rooms. For clients who will be collecting their order from us, arrangements can be made for us to assemble their units. Clients with little DIY experience can check out our instructional videos, which will guide them through every step of assembling their units, from the moment it is unboxed.

We offer everything from standard units (which are our most affordable option), to modified units and even completely customised units, and only make use of A-grade boards in our factory. Clients can also visit our online shop to browse or purchase the high quality cupboards, wall units and floor units we manufacture and sell. Whether you’re making use of our DIY Designer or are simply getting what you need delivered, you’re one step closer to your DIY project dream coming true.

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