How much does a new kitchen cost?

How Much Does a New Kitchen Cost?

A kitchen revamp can be an exciting venture for a home owner, especially when you’re choosing to do it yourself. With the benefit of being in full control of your renovation through DIY, every decision becomes an opportunity to achieve your kitchen dreams. In order to stay within a reasonable budget, you will need to know what a new kitchen costs – this depends on what you can afford, and what you want out of your kitchen.

Our DIY Online Shop offers clients a self-service selection of items, which range in price and style. One thing you can bank on is the affordability of our DIY Express Kitchen range – this is because it is produced in large volumes and bought directly from the factory. We can vouch for each item that we sell, as we do not compromise on quality, durability and the look of each finished product. If you’re building a new kitchen, you’ll find everything you need in our DIY Online Shop, while our team are happy to offer useful and practical advice.

We’ve broken down the potential costs of a new small kitchen from our DIY Shop at the time of this blog post (9 January 2023):

A Large Kitchen Floor Unit is priced at R1, 299.00, and can be paired with two kitchen wall units, priced at R599.00 each. Add a Kitchen Grocery Shelf (R1, 599.00) and a Kitchen Microwave Unit (R649.00). You can choose to purchase your kitchenette and sink separately, or else you can save money by purchasing our contractors sink unit (R1, 799.00). You will also need to buy fillers, handles, kick plates and a splashback for behind your stove area – most of this available through our DIY Online Shop. This is just one example of a kitchen set-up, which will cost you about R8, 500 including the additions mentioned.

If you’re excited to be involved in the design of your kitchen, but are not quite ready for the full DIY approach, consider enlisting the services of our DIY Designer at the Showroom. A team of creative and technical designers are ready to help you plan out a more customized kitchen, based on the budget, measurements and ideas that you present us with. Whichever route you take, you won’t regret playing a role in the completion of your brand new or newly renovated kitchen.

Enjoy the ease of shopping online for the components that will help build your kitchen, according to your financial means. DIY Kitchens are great for saving money, as renovations can quickly become expensive. Once you’ve placed your order online, one of our consultants will contact you directly, giving you the opportunity to benefit from our expertise and guidance.

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