Celebrate with Us! DIYCupboards.com Turns 18

Happy birthday, DIYCupboards.com. It’s our 18th birthday today and we’re thrilled we’ve made it so far. Since 2006, we’ve made DIY stylish, functional and easy for South Africans.

Let’s take a dawdle down memory lane as we celebrate our accomplishments over the years and team. Also, we’ll explore our dreams for the future. Read on to hear our about story and the people who made it possible.

Our story

In 2006, Johan Brits had driven to numerous hardware stores to find material to build cupboards himself. He wasn’t a fan of cookie-cutter cupboards and wanted to build cupboards himself without starting from scratch. He knew he wanted his cupboards to be unique and made to fit into his home.

He knew a little bit about carpentry and design but wasn’t proficient enough to build a cupboard on his own. So, he invited over his two closest friends for a braai to talk about his idea. It was decided they would start a business: DIY Cupboards.

Johan now had a designer and carpenter. He would do customer-facing tasks and manage the business, his friends would do the behind-the-scenes work.

Soon enough, word spread that the band was manufacturing custom cupboards that customers could assemble themselves. The team was so busy that they decided to hire help to design and build the cupboards.

The DIY designer team.

The Big Leagues

After a while, they knew it was time to create a line of flatpack cupboards. Soon, people requested flatpacks, and so packs like the Contractor 600 Grocery Shelf were born.

The DIY Cupboards team was ecstatic when major distributors like Builder’s Warehouse and Bright’s approached them about selling their cupboards. They hired more staff and bought another factory.

The DIYCupboards.com factory.


Around 2017, Johan and his team agreed that it was time to start selling online. They enlisted the help of a local SEO (search engine optimisation) company called SEO Master to build them a website and do ads online. DIYCUPBOARDS became diycupboards.com. They optimised the website so that their pricelist was always automatically updated, they always had new content, and their product photos were clean-cut and fresh-looking.

After a few months, the enquiries started rolling in and we gained media recognition. We were featured in Tuis (News24) in 2018, Denispaper.com in 2022 and Magazines2Day in 2022. Over the years, we’ve brought out new lines of flatpacks, like the office furniture range, bathroom range, and bedroom range. We sell accessories now, too, like splashbacks, and handles.

It’s been 18 years and we’re doing better than ever. Our designer and carpentry team is busy, and Johan is teaching his sons the ropes of the business. Our business is thriving.

Looking forward

The DIYCupboards.com team never stops dreaming. We have big plans in store for the future, like more flatpack lines and upskilling our staff.  Johan is elated that his family is involved in DIYCupboards.com. His children love working with wood and learning new things as much as he does– it’s a joy to see them grow to appreciate the magic of DIY.

Customers, family, friends, and team, thank you for sticking with us along the way and celebrating our milestones. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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