Benefits of making use of

Benefits of making use of allows you to purchase directly from our factory to make your do-it-yourself projects exciting and uncomplicated. We offer our clients the full hands on experience through our DIY Online Shop. Our DIY Designer at the Showroom can also work closely with you, providing 3D rendered designs and units or components that correspond with your floor plan.

If you are unsure of which route to take, factory or board shop cutting and edging, there are factors to consider for the results you want. Board shops only sell boards, and do not manufacture complete units or work out cutting lists, like we do at With us, cutting lists are provided, which align with your floor plan details and are clearly marked and easy to configure. This is especially useful for novice DIY builders, as it saves you time and gives you direction, by breaking down exact measurements. We can also provide you with hardware lists, which board shops can’t do.

When opting for factory, you can count on us to consult and design your project, while you also have the option to purchase easy to assemble cupboards, wall units, drawers and other products from our online shop. While you can get the boards you need from a board shop, there are no additional services to help you on your way, such as consulting, designing and providing 3D drawings and floor plans. Board shops will typically only cut and edge your boards, while our team can assist in cutting, edging, drilling, sorting and also assembling your units. It is up to you how much, or how little, you want to do yourself.

Our service is comprehensive and does not stop once you’ve made your purchases. We offer a 2 year guarantee on our cupboards, and are a phone call away to provide after sale support and services. When you buy from a board shop, there are no guarantees after installation, while they have little to offer by way of building advice and after sale support. You can purchase the boards you need from a board store, which you will then need to sort and assemble. Board shops won’t do cut-outs for corners and shapes, and usually only have 2 machines, which can delay your installation.

If you’re experienced and have expertise in construction, board purchasing from a board shop may be a comfortable option for you. Most DIY enthusiasts benefit from more in-depth service offerings, and our clearly marked, flat packed units or easy to assemble DIY Express Kitchen range make any do-it-yourself project simple to do. Our website even offers instructional videos to guide you, while we’re available to answer any questions you may have, to ensure the best experience for you.

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