DIY kitchen cupboard home renovation.

A New Kitchen Increases The Value of Your House

Have you ever wondered whether renovating your kitchen would be worth it? The answer is always yes, and we have the data, stories, and prices to prove it. Especially with DIY kitchen cupboards, the eco-friendly, modern, and integrity of design makes renovating your kitchen a no-brainer. Read on for reasons, benefits, and why redoing your kitchen with DIY cupboards is 100% going to up the value of your home. 

Your kitchen matters. It’s the heart of your home; the place where you teach your children to cook, bake cookies in the middle of the night, and have drinks with your friends at the braai.

Show Your Kitchen Some Love

Of the numerous benefits redoing your kitchen has, today we’ll discuss how it heightens the monetary value of your home. It makes it easier to sell, raises the house’s overall value, and makes it a more attractive prospect to buyers because of the experience it adds.

Adding New Kitchen Cupboards Makes Your Home Easy To Sell

Adding new furnishings to your kitchen makes it easy to sell, especially with simplistic, modern finishes, which are all the rage decorating-wise at the moment. People value sleek modernity as opposed to busy and cluttered kitchens. While clutter can add charm to some homes, in most cases, it’s best safely stored in the safety of a well-designed, simple cupboard. When looking for houses, a lot of the time buyers go for houses that are trendy and modern, just like our cupboards. We value cupboards with clean lines, smooth finishes, and neutral colours, just as potential buyers do. A notable thought: women often look at kitchens more than men do–they prefer looking at garages and man cave dimensions.

New Cupboards Raise Your House’s Value

Renovating your kitchen increases the value of the house by adding increased functionality and storage to a home, as well as filling awkward nooks (for instance, with our corner cupboard shelf), or creating more storage where there wasn’t before, especially high-quality cupboards like ours, built to last with your home. As well as this, the cost of labour and materials (or just the product) directly impacts the increased value of your property.

Your Kitchen As An Experience

Create an experience out of your kitchen by using our custom-built. Make the vision for your home come to life with personalised DIY cupboards.

All in all, the answer is yes! There’s always a reason to remodel your kitchen, whether it’s with cupboards, countertops, or even new sinks. Get in touch with our friendly DIY kitchen designer for help making your kitchen look expensive and well-put together.

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