14 – Fitting your bedroom units


DIYCupboards.com has a selection of hanging cupboards, combination cupboards and shelf cupboards.


When you are installing the built in cupboards (BIC), it’s important to work from the corner away to the end of the row of BIC’S.
The reason for this is so that you can determine the width of the side filler, that is going to go between the side of the cupboard and the wall.

Once you have placed all the cupboards in position, levelled them and attached them to the wall you can start fitting the hinges onto the doors. Our doors are pre-drilled for the hinges so there’s no struggling to align the cabinet hinges up with one another.
The larger section is called the hinge, and the smaller section the hinge plate. The hinge plate is the part that gets mounted onto the carcass.
After the doors are on you can fit the handles, side panels, fillers and the kick plate of the built in cupboards and then you’re done. And that’s how we install our clients built in cupboards.

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