Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Cupboards

Owning property requires a lot of maintenance and responsibility, whether you’re renting out your space or residing in it. As a landlord or homeowner, you need to be aware of the state of your home’s cupboards, to preserve its structural integrity. There are many signs it’s time to replace your cupboard that you should be aware of, to ensure your home is lovingly maintained.

Visible Damage

If there is obvious damage to your cupboards that goes beyond a simple loose hinge, it might be time to say goodbye to them. Over time, it is normal for some wear and tear to occur, but there comes a point where trying to fix them doesn’t make much of a difference.

If your cupboards have plenty of marks, cracks, and chips and show signs of warping, it is probably best to upgrade them and improve your kitchen’s appearance.

Outdated Designs

Old-fashioned kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom cupboards can make your home feel dated, and no amount of modern appliances, décor, or fresh coats of paint can change that. Another downside to having out-of-style cupboards is that it decreases the value of your home. A change is as good as a holiday, and our team can show you how to create a luxurious kitchen or take on a remodelling project successfully.

Lack of Storage Space

Without adequate storage, your kitchen is often in disarray and your bedrooms and bathrooms appear unorganized. It is especially important to have a kitchen that provides sufficient storage, separating dishware, appliances, groceries, pots and pans, and other items. You will be surprised at what a difference custom cupboard replacements can make when you are working with smaller spaces.

Water Damage or Mould

At the first sign of water damage, mould, or mildew inside your cupboards, it is best to replace them. If you are not sure that it is water damage, you can hire a professional to inspect them. There are numerous problems with having water-damaged cupboards in your home – they weaken the wood and also affect the stability of the cupboards, and can spread quickly to surrounding cupboards. If mould occurs, it can endanger your family’s health.

They Smell Bad

Persistent odours that linger even after thorough cleaning can be one of the signs it’s time to replace your cupboards. If the cupboards are old, they may have absorbed smells over time that just won’t go away. The smell could be coming from an accumulation of debris, dust, dirt, and pest waste, which settled into the interior and cannot be removed.

Poor Functionality

It is frustrating to deal with cupboards that are difficult to open or close, perhaps due to being worn out or because of obstructions. If you are ready to enjoy your cupboards fully, our DIY Designer can help you with a new kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom layout that allows for cupboards to be installed properly, so they function their best.

Signs it’s time to replace your cupboards

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