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From Our Factory to Your Home: DIY Kitchen Cupboards

DIYcupboards.com has made it our mission to design kitchen cupboards that make you want to celebrate a healthy life in your kitchen. Studies show that well-organized and functional kitchens encourage people to cook more at home, leading to healthier eating habits. (Source: Journal of the American Dietetic Association). And who doesn’t want to be healthier?

Have you ever noticed at a gathering that eventually, everyone migrates to the kitchen? This is because the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where life’s special moments happen, whether it’s cooking with your family or announcing exciting news.

With this in mind, we would love to explain how we design our kitchen cabinets with moments like this in mind.

From our factory to your home.

The Kitchen Cupboards Factory Shop

How DIYcupboards.com designs kitchen cabinets.

DIY kitchen cupboard design combines art, architecture, and practicality, focusing on aesthetics, functionality, and ergonomics.

Step into a factory filled with dedicated carpenters, inspired artists, and innovative designers burning to design beautiful furniture to fill your home with strong, steady furniture that not only does the job– it carries magic with it.

Here’s a breakdown of the DIY Designer process:

  • We consider the average layout of a room and how our cupboards should integrate into your kitchen. We also factor in accessibility and storage preferences.
  • Then, we think about the theme and storage requirements and tailor our designs to that.
  • We configure our material (wood, hinges, paint, stain.)
  • After that, we incorporate our storage solutions, like drawers, shelves, pull-out cabinets, and organizers to maximize storage and improve accessibility.
  • Our designers create mockups and sketches.
  • 3D design software is utilised to visualise our designs.
  • Workers manufacture our cupboards, countertops, and cabinets.

Throughout this process, we meticulously abide by safety regulations. This process requires ongoing brainstorming, refining, and adjusting based on our customers’ personalisation and custom needs.

Why A DIY Cupboard?

Ready-made cupboards Cape Town

Ready-made cupboards Cape Town

Well-organised homes contribute to overall well-being. As the saying goes, “Tidy house, tidy mind.”

Well-organised spaces encourage good habits, like packing things away and cleaning up to maintain good hygiene, thereby improving your mental and physical health. Therefore, it would actually be irresponsible not to get a DIY cupboard.

Many a customer have come forward to share their stories about how their cupboards have encouraged them to tidy up.

Here’s one of our most compelling testimonials:

I’m ashamed to admit this, but I’m a bit of a hoarder. My husband was and still is sick and tired of my messy habits. Getting clean-looking cupboards with multiple cupboards has been just huge for the state of my bedroom. I don’t have a floordrobe anymore. I pack my clothes away nicely. The white paint has also been great for encouraging me to clean. Dust and dirt show up after a week or so, which forces me to clean a bit, even if it’s just dusting off the top of the cupboard. Even though the inside of my cupboard is messy, at least stuff is off the floor.

– Lee-Ann

Made With You In Mind

We make our cupboards to help you tidy, and spruce up your home.

Grab a DIY Cupboard today!

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