Different Cupboard Sizes in South Africa

The right size cupboard exists at DIYCupboards.com for any room in your home. Design a small or large kitchen, practical DIY office, or stylish bedroom with our range of cupboards and units. Make your home DIY design project a wonderful success with help from our DIY Designer, and get excited about playing a role in how everything comes together!

Our Kitchen Cupboard Sizes

Kitchen cupboard sizes

Our Express Kitchen Range consists of floor units of varying sizes, each flat-packed and easy to assemble. The smallest is 300mm wide, and they go up to sizes 450mm and 600mm. Our kitchen floor corner unit is 900mm wide, and the kitchen grocery unit is 450mm wide. These sizes work for a variety of kitchen shapes and sizes, and give you many design options for a stunning finished kitchen. Our wall units complement the floor units perfectly, for cohesive results.

In addition to our 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, and 900mm wide kitchen wall units, we also sell DIY Kitchen cupboards that serve specific functions. The 600mm kitchen microwave unit allows for a less cluttered countertop (a pro tip when considering how to design a kitchen for small spaces). We also sell a 300mm wide kitchen wall end display unit, perfect for decorations or additional storage.

Our Bedroom Cupboard Sizes

Bedroom cupboard sizes

Everyone has a unique vision for their perfect bedroom. When it comes to must-haves, many put cupboard space high on the list. Our most popular bedroom cupboard is the 900 combo standard – other cupboards in this size include our Contractor Built-In Cupboard and our Combo 1800H x 900W. These options have hanging and folding space and work well for most bedrooms. Our Contractor BIC – 3 Drawer cupboard, fully assembled, has the same dimensions (2100h x 900w x 520d in mm).

Smaller bedrooms can benefit from more compact cupboard solutions. We have DIY Cupboards for small bedrooms that are 600mm wide and 450mm wide and also offer topbox wall units in two sizes – 450mm and 900mm wide. A popular option for student housing and small bedrooms with limited space is the student cupboard – the dimensions are 1420h x 810w x 500d in mm, and it offers hanging space and a wide drawer, as well as packing space on top.

Our Bathroom Cupboard Sizes

Bathroom cupboard sizes

Just like bedrooms, bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes and the right cupboards make all the difference. Our DIY Bathroom Cupboard range is extensive and includes vanity sets from 440mm wide to 900mm wide. All our bathroom vanities with exposed panels are edged for protection from water damage and moisture. Our bathroom cabinets also range in size from 390mm wide to 590mm wide. Create your perfect vanity with custom cupboards, tops, and basins with DIYCupboards.com!

Look forward to seeing the home of your dreams come true, with the perfect cupboards! There are many different cupboard sizes in South Africa that can work for all kinds of plans. Let our team know if you have any questions or require assistance with floor plans or cutting lists. We are here to make your DIY home project an amazing one!

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